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7th July 2019 - my brand new 3-day Long Exposure Master Class for Aspect2i has been launched. Read the full announcement on my News page     

New here? A bit about me...

I'm based in South-East England and work with a variety of photographic disciplines but tend to concentrate mostly on producing landscape, seascape and nature fine art, often in black and white. I particularly enjoy using techniques such as long exposure. These techniques often reveal a reality but one that is hidden until time is controlled in unexpected ways. 

All of the work you see here today is available for sale, mostly from this site, although some are only available in Limited Edition prints directly from me. Contact me using the text link above if you're interesting in purchasing one of those. I can also mount and frame prints too, if required. 

Use the Contact link above if you'd like to get in touch. 

You'll find me on Facebook and Instagram, so visit me there and follow me.

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Seven spans of the wrought iron of Westminster Bridge, painted green to match the colour of the leather seats in the House of Commons, leads to Elisabeth Tower and the Palace of Westminster. Lambeth bridge, which is on the opposite side of the Houses of Parliament, is painted red to match the colour of the seats in the House of Lords.


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