I've fairly recently re-started my photography journey and as I travel, I'm naturally drawn to the work of certain photographers. Sometimes it's an appreciation of their obvious expertise and a desire to incorporate their techniques in my own way into my work, sometimes it's the predominance of a certain subject matter, sometimes it's just the sheer beauty of their work. Usually it's a combination of all those things.

I thought it might be interesting to share my 'discoveries' with you, so, where possible, I'm going to bring you interviews with photographers who have influenced me in some way or who I just find motivational and inspiring.

I started with two very well known photographers who largely make black and white long exposure images but whose work differs greatly. When I first came across their images, it was just a wonder to me. I felt I'd finally discovered photographers whose work really resonated with me and whose technical and artistic ability impressed me.

My latest interview is with a renowned photographer and environmental activist whose work I have enjoyed, admired and been moved by for many years.

Nick Brandt

Ⓒ Copyright Nick Brandt and reproduced with kind permission.

Nick Brandt

No one photographs the animals of Africa quite like Nick. Even if I wasn't a keen photographer, I would have been just as impressed by his work. From the intimate animal portraits, through to a darker chronicling of an increasing endangered ecosystem. Moved by what he saw happening in East Africa, Nick co-founded the Big Life Foundation with conservationist Richard Bonham in September 2010. Using Nick's photography to generate print sales and attract donations, Big Life have made a very real difference in the Amboseli National Park.

This interview with Nick explores his thoughts and feelings on his photography, his work for Big Life and, of course, his new book Inherit the Dust. I am truly delighted to bring this to you.

Joel Tjintjelaar

Ⓒ Copyright Joel Tjintjelaar and reproduced with kind permission.

Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel was probably my first encounter with a photographer's work that first opened my eyes to the creative possibilities that black and white fine art photography offered. Aside from being blown away by the quality of work he produces, I'm impressed and grateful that he's been willing to share both his outlook and his techniques with anyone interested. 

I'm thrilled to be bringing this interview with Joel to you.

Rohan Reilly

Ⓒ Copyright Emma Jervis Photography and reproduced with kind permission.

Rohan Reilly

It was without a doubt Rohan and his work that led me to appreciate the beauty of minimalist long exposure photography. I came across Rohan's work while looking around for potential workshops and was captivated by his world class black and white fine art images. The apparent simplicity, beauty and serenity of his images give you a sense of the quiet confidence of the man himself.

It's my absolute pleasure to be bringing this interview with Rohan to you.

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