Commissioned Shoot for Costco Connection Magazine

Back in 2015 and I was asked by an old school friend, Angela, if I'd be interested in a photo shoot of her and her vintage cars. She runs a business called British Classic Car Hire, providing chauffeured cars for weddings.  The requirement was for a single image to be used for an online and print article on my friend and her business for the Costco magazine called The Costco Connection.

While portraiture isn't the type of work I normally do, I couldn't resist the opportunity, plus it was great opportunity to visit my friend who I hadn't seen for a few years. I therefore packed up my gear in July of 2015 and headed to Oxfordshire for the weekend.

She suggested a great location, namely Cokethorpe School in Hardwick, West Oxfordshire, UK. Its 18th-century Grade II listed Queen Anne style country house and flat open grounds provided an appropriate environment and, being private grounds, we'd have no interruptions or members of the public to keep out of shot. Even better, I got to drive the Bentley to the location!

At the time I didn't have any portable flash but, as it happens, the weather was just perfect. Some blue sky but plenty of light cloud to provide a nice, diffuse soft light. I shot about 80+ images and, for some, used a ladder to get a little elevation. For nearly all images I used my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with my 24mm tilt-shift lens (it produces such wonderfully sharp images). I was using f/8.0 and get shutter speeds of about 1/50th so mounted the camera on my Gitzo tripod. Just for fun, I finished off the shoot with a long exposure of just the cars.

Article in Costco magazine featuring my photograph

Click on the image to visit the actual article.

Long exposure image of the cars

Once home and having imported the images into Lightroom, I carried out some basic post production on the images and then sent 10 potentially suitable images to Angela for her to whittle them down to send to Costco for them to select the one they wanted. Angela picked out five images which I then spent some time carry out further processing on. For example, there were some tents and something like badminton nets in the background that I needed clone out.

After a final approval from Angela, I sent them to Costco for them to select the one they wanted. They'd already signed a contract prior to the shoot but I'd needed to know the specific image they selected so I could then provide them with the licence document. They made their selection, so I finalised the licence agreement with the file name and description of the specific image and a clause that specified exclusivity of that particular image for the 2 months the magazine was in circulation. They were happy for any of the other images to be used by myself or Angela during that period.

The article was published online and in the printed magazine that is sent to Costco's 500,000 members across the UK. You can see the online version by following this link to the Costco Connection article.

The candidate images sent to Costco


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